As busy friends and parents focused on pursuing fun, productive and healthy lives for ourselves and our families, we were thrilled to grow a side hobby into a 30,000+ member community united by a passion for unconventional family adventures…in our case, family-oriented mud runs.

While organizing these runs, we found ourselves interacting frequently with members of the broader fitness industry and we learned something important: the one-size-fits-all, traditional fitness models are largely ineffective at helping individuals and communities get and stay healthy.

We created Fytte to change that. Built for people who are tight on time and heavy on responsibilities, Fytte delivers the luxury of private yoga to your doorstep.

Fytte is centered around four beliefs:

  1. Healthy lifestyles look different for each of us; a highly personalized approach is key to success.
  2. We focus on creating safe, efficient, repeatable processes. Fytte is designed to save time and effort.
  3. We expect the best in the industry to help us be our best. We hold ourselves and our trainers to the highest standards.
  4. Fytte should leave you happier, healthier, and stronger.

Using modern technology, Fytte connects hand-picked, highly vetted instructors directly with Fytte Members. Fytte sets a new standard in personalized yoga services by empowering members to design, schedule, conduct, and track high-quality yoga sessions, all through a few secure clicks.

So, say goodbye to wasted commute times and factory minded fitness standards. Say hello to Fitness on Your Terms.