Fytte is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable fitness experience for all our stakeholders. Our members’ and instructors’ safety is our highest priority, and all our processes are designed with community safety at the forefront.

Thoroughly Vetted

Our team conducts multiple face-to- face interviews with each instructor candidate to ensure the Fytte instructor community is comprised of the best in the industry. Our instructors are professionals who provide first-class fitness experiences, and our hands-on approach to recruiting helps ensure this standard of quality. Every instructor also undergoes a background check upon applying and then every year afterward.


In addition to our company’s blanket insurance coverage, we require our instructors to maintain personal liability insurance so that both they and our members are covered in the unlikely event of an unexpected injury or accident.

Secure Payments Via Stripe

Our secure payment platform ensures your financial data is protected at the highest industry standards. Stripe offers a smooth, secure experience for both members and instructors, and serves as the payment system of record. As a result, Fytte is your end-to-end platform allowing a secure experience every step of the way.


After every appointment, we encourage members to provide feedback about their experience. Our team reads every review and incorporates as much feedback as possible. In the event of negative reviews, our team will quickly reach out to address any issue promptly and completely.

For Members

Part of providing a first-class personal fitness experience is ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort. Here are a few best practices members can follow to ensure their safety and health:

  • After you book your session, your instructor will reach out to you via text to set up short (5-10 minute) initial phone call. This is a great time to communicate any goals, injuries, medications, physical limitations, areas of concern, etc. Be as specific as you’d like to ensure your instructor tailors your session to best fit your needs.

  • If you feel discomfort or would like to stop your workout for any reason, at any other time, please tell your instructor immediately. Your safety and well-being are our primary concerns.

  • There are a variety of preferences concerning session location. Many people are comfortable holding an individual session in their home; for others, group workouts may provide an extra level of trust and comfort. If you’re more comfortable holding your first session (or all of them) in a public place such as a community center, outdoor space, place of business, or even a garage or driveway, we will meet you where you want, to ensure the highest levels of comfort.

  • This protects your safety, as well as your personal information. You should never pay cash, wire money, provide credit card information, or use any other means to pay an instructor directly. If you are asked to do so, please report it to us immediately.

  • You can expect direct communication from the Fytte Customer Experience team after your workout session. We also want to stress that you should ALWAYS feel free to reach out to us at any time – we’re happy to chat with you to address any questions or concerns you have. Simply contact us here.

  • Fytte understands that training is highly personal and needs to be tailored to each individual. But we also know sometimes it can be more fun and often provide an extra sense of security to work out with a friend or two. So, if that sounds more your speed, invite a few friends. This can be done directly through the session design process and all members participating in group sessions enjoy session pricing as low as $63.

For Instructors

Our instructor team is the heart and soul of the Fytte mission. Here are a few best practices for ensuring your safety:

  • As part of Fytte’s onboarding process, instructors conduct an initial interview (10 min phone call) with members to answer questions, set expectations, and go through details of the upcoming session. This is an introduction for both client and instructor to start the relationship off on the right foot.

  • If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, at any time, you may notify the Fytte team to cancel the session or end it early. Similar to the feedback clients provide, instructors are required to fill out a feedback form after each session to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for all involved. Fytte reviews each report and takes all appropriate actions to ensure any issues are addressed immediately.

  • This protects your safety, as well as your information, and also ensures a receipt and verified payment process. We keep your transactions guarded from start to finish using best-in-class security tools. If you are asked to complete any bookings or payments outside of the Fytte platform, please report it to us immediately (