General FAQs

Why Fytte?

Everyone wants to be healthier and to feel better; but getting to the gym or to a studio class is often inconvenient and can eat up valuable free time in an already busy day. Once you’re there, working out on your own is often unfulfilling and inefficient, with no clear and consistent path to a healthier you.

Enter Fytte. With Fytte, you’ll enjoy:

  • Name the place – home, office, park, parking lot, hotel… we meet you where you are and eliminate travel time.

    Name the time – our instructors are available early morning through late at night.  Let’s meet on your terms.

  • Your instructor creates a customized workout and a tailored training path based on your individual fitness goals and performance, accessible any time through the Fytte platform.

  • “Gym scene” not for you? We agree. Get ready, warm up, workout, and wrap up all in the comfort and privacy of your home or location of your choice. This is your time, and we want to make the most of it.

  • We believe consistency delivers the goods. Fytte is built to deliver the results you want, whether that’s through weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions. It’s your choice.

  • No physical location, no franchise fees, and no middlemen means lower costs for our members. It also allows us to invest directly in the best instructors, programs and experience for you.

General questions / getting started

  • Fytte delivers the luxury of personal training & yoga to your doorstep. You name the time and place.

  • Fytte provides a first-class, tailored personal training session in the convenience of your home, hotel, office, or other place of your choosing. After asking a few basic questions about your fitness and training goals and preferences, we match you with a vetted, expert personal instructor available in your area. At your appointment time, your requested instructor will arrive at your door with everything you need for your workout. All you have to do is book your session and be ready to take the first step towards achieving all your fitness goals!

  • You can schedule a session at your house, office, local park, or anywhere else you want to train; we will come to you. Let’s face it; one of the hardest parts of your fitness routine is getting there. Fytte allows you to skip the hassle and book personal training on your terms. Be as creative as you want: our instructors are flexible and are happy to work with you wherever you choose.

  • Currently, Fytte is available in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (Triangle) area. Based upon early customer feedback our plans to expand Fytte’s geographic footprint are underway. To stay in the loop about Fytte news and updates, make sure you follow us on social media.

  • We ask that you book first-time sessions 48 hours in advance in order to give our instructors sufficient time to customize your session and maximize their time with you. Fytte is available 7 days a week, between the hours of 6a – 10p. Please note that different instructors have different availabilities; as you design your session the Fytte algorithm ensures you are matched with an instructor who operates during the time of your choice.

  • Of course. As you create your account and design your session you’ll be asked to choose either a single session or a membership option. If you want to learn more about us and “kick the tires”, choose a single session. Bear in mind, Fytte members receive discounted session pricing and a variety of other perks, so if you love your first session (and we know you will!) and want to book more, you’ll benefit from becoming a subscription member.

  • For several reasons, which we are happy to share:

    • First, most bundle packs have an expiration date associated with them. At Fytte, we don’t feel that is in our members’ best interest. We never want you to pay for something you may not use.
    • Second, bundle packs often provide the best price only if you commit to a high number of sessions. Again, we don’t feel that is in our members’ best interest. Fytte provides members one low and transparent session fee that doesn’t change – whether you hold two sessions a month or twenty.
    • Third, bundle packages often result in instructors feeling the need to “upsell” clients. At Fytte, our members won’t experience this. We have a strict NO SELLING policy for all of our instructors, so they can focus solely on what matters: our members’ fitness needs.
  • Absolutely! We encourage our members to invite friends. In fact, our Fytte Friends program offers 20% discounts for small group sessions of 2-4 people. We believe that building a group of individuals with shared health goals enhances the fitness journey. Fytte Friends are a great source of encouragement, motivation and fun that allow our instructors to be extra creative with workout design.

    During any session design and booking process, you will see a convenient “invite a friend” option to build your Fytte Friends team. There are also significant session pricing advantages for small group sessions.

  • Nope – Fytte instructors will provide all the equipment necessary for your customized training session.

  • Our professional trainers are all able to create session plans that adapt to whatever environment and space constraints you might have. We encourage you to pick a space beforehand that you think will work best and communicate that information to your trainer during your initial pre-session chat.

  • Every individual is different and we take this very seriously; therefore we highly encourage a 5-10 minute personal assessment conversation before we jump into things. We do this to learn more about you and ensure we are focused on your unique objectives. This assessment also serves as the baseline for the workout action plans that are available to all Fytte members.

  • Your safety is extremely important to us. We have a dedicated FAQs page focusing on keeping you safe.

Pricing and payment

  • After registering for an account and selecting an instructor, you will be asked to enter your credit card information in order to book your session. This information will be securely stored through our third party payment processor, Stripe. Once you’ve entered your information, booking future sessions is fast and seamless.

  • Fytte is currently offering 40% off membership discounts to a limited group of early customers. In exchange for this discount, early customers are provided a direct forum for providing feedback for improving the Fytte experience. We strive for excellence and value any and all member feedback!

    Our Fytte Moms program offers 30% off off membership discounts as well.

    Additionally, we offer discounts on session prices during specific campaigns: for example, from clients referred by a Fytte instructor and through relationships with certain partners. And of course, any military service member can take 10% off off any session fee by entering code “USA” when booking a session.

  • Once you’ve created your Fytte account and booked your first session, your profile and favorite locations and instructors are stored in the Fytte website. This allows simple click booking for future sessions with easy options to adjust any criteria you choose.

  • Through Fytte’s proprietary session design process we present you with the top three instructors that meet your criteria. If a Fytte instructor introduces you to Fytte and you sign up for membership you will enjoy a 10% discount off all sessions for your first three months.

  • Yes. We offer gift cards through our website. Help someone get started on their path to fitness today!

  • You may cancel or reschedule your booking up to 24 hours before the selected time with no penalty. If a Fytte instructor is not available for your session, or initiates the cancellation you will be credited $10 off your next session. And, obviously, you won’t be charged for the no-show session.